Terms and Conditions

Cargo Race Rules

Last update 20.05.2018

1. Subject to the rules of use, method of their application

1.1 The following rules govern the use of the online game www.cargorace.com provided by Cargo Race.

By signing up or entering www.cargorace.com, users enter into a consumer agreement with the Cargo Race.

1.2 These Terms of Service completely replace the previous versions of the Rules of Use of the Cargo Race.

1.3 Cargo Race regularly updates its online game. Users can participate in the online game and in its most up-to-date version.

1.4 The online game offered by Cargo Race is provided for entertainment purposes only and can not be used for financial or commercial purposes.

1.5 It is the responsibility of users to ensure compatibility of the software and hardware used

1.6 In addition to these Terms of Use, the rules of online gaming apply, if any. If, in this sense, these Terms of Use conflict with other rules, this is the case here.

2. Closing part

2.1 In order to use the online game www.cargorace.com provided by Cargo Race, users must register.

2.2 Registration is only allowed to individuals (not to groups, partners, legal entities, etc.) and is only allowed to be a consumer. Consumers who are minors must register with the consent of their parents or legal guardians.

2.3 When registering, the user must provide a nickname to their player, as well as an email address of their choice. Player aliases must not infringe the copyrights of third parties or be offensive in their meaning. Additionally, emails or links to other sites can not be used as a nickname of the players. Users are responsible for this information, which they provide to Cargo Race when they are registered, accurate and complete.

2.4 Users must log in personally; they can not register with third parties.

2.5 Once registered, the user's profile enters into an agreement with Cargo Race for an indefinite period of time, and this agreement falls under the jurisdiction of this policy.

2.6 Users can register additional accounts, but only if the two profiles are not "friends" in the game and one is in no way in favor of the other.

3. Reject

Right of rejection

You have the right to reject the agreement in writing within two weeks. You have to give good reasons for this.

Special Conditions

(1) You have already begun receiving similar services before the deadline for your rejection request. (1) You have already begun receiving services with your explicit consent, or if (2) You have begun receiving such services before the deadline for your rejection request. This is supposed to have started in the event you played the game or you took advantage of other services.

4. User Obligations

4.1 User Data
Users are required, upon request from Cargo Race, to confirm their e-mail addresses.

4.2 Entry, Identification, Passwords


4.2.1 Users are required to strictly maintain the confidentiality of their login, authentication and passwords. Users should not use their data on other sites except at www.cargorace.com.

4.2.2 The terms & bdquo; login data & rdquo; & bdquo; identification & rdquo; and & bdquo; passwords & rdquo; refers to combinations of letters and / or signs and / or digits used to identify users and protect the site from unauthorized access by third parties.

4.2.3 Users are required to keep their access data and passwords unauthorized by third parties.

4.2.4 If a user suspects that third parties have been able to collect the entry and entry information, he must immediately notify the Cargo Race and change his details or request the Cargo Race to do so. In the event that Cargo Race has reason to believe that access to www.cargorace.com is unauthorized, the Company reserves the right to temporarily block User Accounts. Access privileges will be restored when the case is eaten.

4.2.5 Under no circumstances should users submit their data to other users unless the rules of the game offer exceptions.

4.3 Using Content at www.cargorace.com

4.3.1 www.cargorace.com offers a variety of content that is under copyright protection in favor of the Cargo Race. Unless these Terms of Use indicate otherwise, users are prohibited from processing, copying, distributing and publishing or using for advertising purposes the contents of www.cargorace.com. Content copying is only allowed for technical and for browsing purposes. Continuous copying is allowed for private purposes.

4.3.2 The term & content; & rdquo; refers to the data, images, texts, graphics, programs, software code and other information provided by Cargo Race on www.cargorace.com.

4.3.3 Users are prohibited from actions that (1) endanger or interrupt the functionality of www.cargorace.com, and (2) have unauthorized access to data. The content of www.cargorace.com can be viewed in a way that is accessible and entertaining to users. Data or software that is capable of damaging the proper interpretation of the software and the user's hardware is prohibited.

4.3.4 The use of www.cargorace.com for commercial purposes, including advertising, is subject to the express written consent of Cargo Race.

4.3.5 Users may not publish the content on www.cargorace.com.

4.3.6 You can not enter www.cargorace.com using services that hide the IP address of the user.

4.4 Links
The use of www.cargorace.com as a link is only allowed if it serves as a reference. Cargo Race reserves the right to withdraw this authorization. It is not allowed to insert or display www.cargorace.com in a frame and as a hyperlink.

5. Special Terms of Use for Online Games

5.1 The use of multiple accounts at www.cargorace.com is allowed, but only if these accounts are not "friends" in the game and do not benefit each other's actions. Otherwise, Cargo Race is entitled to delete or block multiple accounts belonging to one user at any time.

5.2 Users are forbidden to manipulate or frustrate the operation of www.cargorace.com. In particular, users should not use tools, mechanisms or software that may interfere with the proper functioning of the game. Users are also forbidden to use funds that would burden the systems that support the game. Users are forbidden to block or modify the content generated by the game team or otherwise interfere with the game's operation.

5.3 Users are forbidden to enter the game using programs or anything other than a web browser. This is particularly relevant to the so-called Bots and other tools created to replace or change web browsers. Also, banned scripts or partially or fully automated programs that give users an edge over their rivals, including auto-refresh features, and other browser-integrated features that are considered automated.

5.4 Under no circumstances are users allowed to:

A) create or use cheat, mods, hacks, or use third-party programs that modify the rules of the game;

B) to buy or sell for "real" & rdquo; money or otherwise exchange virtual vehicles and factories used in the game.

5.5 Using banner removal tools is forbidden. Due to this fact, it does not matter whether only a part of the banners has been removed or all.

6. Special Conditions for the Message Exchange System at www.cargorace.com

6.1 Users are responsible for the texts they publish in the messaging system at www.cargorace.com.

6.2 Users are forbidden to:

a) write messages that violate moral and ethical standards;

b) to write obscene, racist, violent or pornographic messages;

c) write messages that are insulting or inherent in nature ;;;

d) write messages that contain associated letters or mechanisms for economic gain;

e) to write messages that create the wrong impression that they are written by Cargo Race;

f) to write messages that relate to personal information of third parties without their explicit consent;

g) to write messages that are commercial in nature or used for advertising.

6.4 Links, companies or commercial products are forbidden to mention for advertising purposes.

6.5 All users using the messaging system are required to express themselves in a normal way and refrain from mockery and insults to other users.

6.6 As a consequence of these Terms of Use, Cargo Race reserves the right to edit and delete anything in these texts, which violates the above-mentioned policies. Cargo Race also reserves the right to remove the users who violate this policy.

7. Consequences of violating the Terms of Use

7.1 Cargo Race is not responsible for any damages caused to users due to non-compliance with their User's Terms of Service.

7.2 In relation to its ensuing rights, Cargo Race may take the following steps if users violate the Terms of Service:

a) edit or delete texts;

b) to warn users officially;

c) temporarily or permanently discontinue user's access to www.cargorace.com;

d) to lock accounts partially or fully from www.cargorace.com

e) immediately terminate the agreement with the user.

7.3 Users who have been removed or their accounts locked can not register again without the Cargo Race's prior consent and are not entitled to request the revocation of their penalties.

8. User Fees

8.1 Using www.cargorace.com is free.

8.2 However, users can purchase certain services and features available as part of the game.

8.3 Minors wishing to purchase such services shall ensure that the funds used to purchase the services are provided to them for that purpose or provided for their own management by their legal guardians.

8.4 The applicable rates are due and payable at closing, and the payment is usually collected by the payment processor. Payments can be collected a few days earlier to ensure uninterrupted access to the service. The terms of use, if any, imposed by such service providers, apply together with these terms of use.

8.5 Users are assured that any information they provide as part of the payment process (including, but not limited to, bank details, credit card numbers, etc.) is real and accurate.

8.6 Payment methods vary depending on available resources and technologies.

8.7 Cargo Race also reserves the right to modify the charges for domestic game services.

8.8 Cancellation Policy

8.8.1 Payment methods PayPal and ePay can be redeemed at any time as long as the virtual currency and the received virtual items are intact in the account. To do so, you need to send an email to cargo.race@gmail.com asking for a refund.

8.8.2 There is no refund for all other payment methods.

9. Limitations of Liability

9.1 In the event of third parties violations of the rights of third parties, they are directly liable to such third parties and undertake to indemnify Cargo Race for any damage suffered as a result of non-compliance with the obligations set forth in these Terms of Use . Consumers keep the Cargo Race against any claims based on violation of their user rights or other violations of consumer obligations against Cargo Race by other users or third parties and are committed to bearing the cost of Cargo Race's legal defense, including court and attorney fees, provided that the violation of applicable law is attributed to users.

9.2 Without prejudice to the legal basis (breach of a contractual obligation or violation), Cargo Race's liability is subject to conditions:

9.2.1 To the extent that Cargo Race provides free of charge the services for which Cargo Race is responsible, Cargo Race is liable only for willful misconduct and gross negligence.

9.2.2 Cargo Race is not responsible for network interruptions that it did not cause.

9.2.3 Cargo Race's liability for loss of data is limited to cases where users can not prevent such loss by using appropriate data protection measures.

10. Deletion of User Accounts

10.1 The duration of the consent for the use of www.cargorace.com is unrestricted and begins with the consent of the user or the permission of the Cargo Race, except in cases where the term is predetermined.

10.2 Even in the absence of a valid reason, each party has the right to terminate the contract immediately, provided that a certain period has not been agreed. If the parties have agreed on a fixed term, the contract can not be terminated before the end of the contract. Unless or until terminated, any contract with a fixed term is automatically renewed for a duration equal to the original term.

10.3 Each party is entitled to terminate the contract immediately if there is a valid reason. For good reason, consider:

(a) when users engage in activity that materially disrupts other players' gaming experience;

b) when users cheat, use modifications, & hacks & rdquo; or other software, tools, or scripts to change the game experience and / or game mechanism;

c) when a user's account is played by third parties;

d) when users use third party accounts or use multiple accounts that benefit each other;

e) When users try to exchange, sell or buy real money vehicles and factories from the game?

f) when users violate the applicable law, these Terms of Use or specific game rules;

11. Privacy

For more information, see the Cargo Race Privacy Policy.

12. Applicable Law, Jurisdiction

12.1 The laws of the Republic of Bulgaria apply, excluding the UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods.

13. Change in Terms of Use, Miscellaneous, Communication, Interruption

13.1 Cargo Race reserves the right to change these Terms of Use at any time. Users are notified of changes to the game at least 2 weeks prior to the effective entry into effect of the new Terms of Use. Additionally, Cargo Race can alert users by e-mail or by providing them directly. By entering www.cargorace.com after the new terms become effective, users agree to them.

13.2 Users may not transfer rights and obligations arising from this agreement without the written consent of Cargo Race.

13.3 Users are only entitled to claim if and only to the extent that they are, established or recognized by Cargo Race or in case they are undisputed.

13.4 Unless these Terms of Use establish otherwise, the Cargo Race will normally contact users via e-mail. Users are required to make sure that the e-mail address used for registration is checked for Cargo Race messages on a regular basis. When they connect to Cargo Race, users must mention the user account they are writing for.

13.5 Changes and suspensions of these Terms of Use, including this formal requirement, must be made in writing.

13.6 In the event that separate parts of these Terms of Use are dropped or violate the applicable law, the remaining parts shall continue to operate with full force. The fallen parts will be replaced by new ones that are as close as possible to the economic significance and purpose of the dropouts and in accordance with the law. The same applies to gaps in these Rules.