Privacy policy

Cargo Race Privacy Policy

Cargo Race is very strict about your personal information . This privacy policy aims to let you know how your personal information is collected, processed, and used .

1. Object of privacy policy

This Privacy Policy applies to all services offered by Cargo Race . Unless otherwise expressly stated, this privacy policy exclusively governs how the Cargo Race relates to personal information provided by you . If you use third party services, the privacy policy of these third parties is also taken into account exclusively . Cargo Race does not consider third - party privacy policies .

2. Contacts

If you have any questions regarding privacy policy, please use the e - mail where you can request a change or deletion of the personal information you provide . Please email us only from this e - mail you are registered with and enter the username you use.

3. Collection Information

We collect personal information to fulfill our contractual commitments to you . In addition to tracking the implementation of the General Guidelines, this includes, in particular, the proper handling of your payment requests .

If you want to sign up for our game, you need to provide personal information . This personal information includes an e - mail address that Cargo Race stores . If you refuse to provide an e - mail address, Cargo Race can not register you as a user .

If you want to buy a Cargo Race souvenir, you need to provide your three names, address and phone, which Cargo Race uses only to send this souvenir with the services of a courier company . After shipping the souvenir, Cargo Race does not store your names, address, and phone .

In addition, individual information such as IP address, browser type, and access time will automatically be transferred to us from your computer and stored on our servers . Except for an investigation of unauthorized access to the site, we use this information for statistical and productivity reasons . Wherever possible, this information is anonymized .

To make visits to our site as enjoyable as possible, we use, like many other companies, so - called cookies & rdquo;. After your visit to our site, these cookies & rdquo; are usually automatically deleted from your disk . Your internet browser can be set to reject cookies & rdquo; entirely . This may, for technical reasons, result in the non - functioning services we offer .

We collect, process and use personal information only with your consent electronically in the context of the services we offer and will fulfill our legal obligations to inform you .

You can refer to the collected personal information for you at any time . It will be provided within 30 days after the request .

4. Use Personal Information

We use the personal information you provide to us to improve the services we offer and to meet the needs of our users .
Cargo Race uses the personal information you provide about creating, processing, and establishing user relationship with Cargo Race and payment processing .
We need your personal information to identify you on our site .

5. Transmit personal information

As is the case, your personal information will not be sold to third parties . Cargo Race exclusively transmits your personal information in the following cases:

5.1 We work together with payment service companies( credit card companies, PayPal, ePay, mobile operators, etc .). These companies have access to personal information to the extent that it will help them execute payment transactions . These companies are required to treat personal information under this privacy policy as well as the relevant data storage status .

5.2 We are working together with a company offering statistical and analytical tools( Google and others ), which are an integral part of the core mechanism of Cargo Race services . These companies have access to personal information to the extent that it is necessary for the proper operation of Cargo Race services . These companies are required to treat personal information under this privacy policy as well as the relevant data storage status .

In case the Cargo Race is sold, your user information will pass to the new owners . Of course, in this case your personal information is subject to the privacy policy and the adjoining data storage status .

6. Delete data

You may request the deletion of your personal information at any time . Deleting personal data will automatically terminate your Cargo Race registration . If your data is no longer needed for the above processes, they will be deleted after 24 months in which your registration was not used .

7. Security of your personal information

We process the information you collect under the European Union Data Protection Act . All employees are required and instructed to maintain privacy and confidentiality .
When making payment transactions, the transfer of your information is secured by SSL encryption technology .

8. Email

The Cargo Race uses the player's email addresses to administer their registration in the game and does not provide the third-party email addresses unless they are requested by services related to the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria. You may request the termination of the use of the email, which will automatically terminate your registration.

9. Marketing

You can share your email to use targeted marketing services with your consent.

If you wish to stop using the Target Marketing Services email from Cargo Race, you have the option to unsubscribe using the & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;

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